Plarn Mats

Each month we work on plarn mats for the homeless.  Plarn mats are crocheted sleeping mats made from plastic grocery bags.

While cloth mats are nice, they are not resistant to rain and bugs.  Plarn mats are water resistant, bug resistant, light and provide enough comfort to lay on.  Plarn mats are also nice for temperature control to be used in all seasons.

Even though the mats are crocheted, non-crocheters can help to.  Many volunteers spend their time organizing bags by color, cutting the bags into strips, and joining the strips to make plarn balls.

We also have several people who take home the plastic bags to create plarn balls at home during the month, then they bring back the balls of yarn during the next humanitarian day.  We also have several volunteers who take home plarn balls to crochet a plarn mat at home.

We had fun chatting and working on mats on Tuesday during Humanitarian Day


If you are interested in learning how to create plarn mats or plarn balls, here are a few tutorials to get you started.